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Renee Barber
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Hi Kathie

First of all, thank you for sharing your experience as we often learn more from what didn’t work than what did.

What occurred to me as I read your post is that adopting a more targetted and/or pronged approach would probably have served you better. While contacting 20,000 people is fantastic, if the offer didn’t resonate with them because of psychographic (or other) reasons, it’s effectively as if you contacted zero people.

Also, I don’t know what offer you included with your JVs, but although many people are certainly willing to help for free, others are more motivated by receiving an actual percentage of sales. Some authors are even willing to share 50/50 as they realise that the more people they have on their ‘sales team’, the more likely they are to increase their turnover by leaps and bounds.

OK, I’ll close for now and hope these ideas help. I also hope you’ll continue to share what strategies you adopt in future and how well they work for you.