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Thanks for the mention Melissa.

I’ve been going down this road with my own books. In fact I have a thread in this section about an Amazon promotion and you should have a read of that as various things have been discussed there.

Things I have done are:

  • Sourced suitable discussion forums and participated there – ahead of time
  • Developed a website for the book and included it in signature blocks
  • Talk about it
  • Notify people in advance when it is going to be ready and take advance orders
  • Contact magazines and other publications of your target audience to get reviews (I have a woman’s magazine reviewing right now)
  • Offer free copies for review and ask people to write reviews and send them to you, or submit them wherever you need them
  • Contact bookstores to see if they are interested in stocking the book (I have a major chain store reviewing my book right now)
  • Contact community radio stations and offer review copies in hope of an interview (I have two radio stations reviewing my latest book right now)
  • Contact local newspapers for articles/press releases
  • Write a blog about your topic and look for recent media articles that relate to your topic and link to them

There are other things but these should help – if you haven’t thought of some before.