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Adam Randall
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I scan everything too.

Get yourself a scanner that can take 50 to 100 sheets at a time, you can pick one up thats a colour printer as well for less than 1K. For some reason dedicated scanners are far more expensive. Don’t waste your time with a flat bed.

As you scan the items make sure you stamp them with a stamp (faxed, paid or similar)

I then split my year up into 4 quarters and all invoice, purchase orders etc go into the relevant quarter.

Each quarter I bag up the physical bits of paper and place them into an environmentally unfriendly plastic shopping bag, clearly labeled in big thick texta with the quarter it relates to.

They then go into a spare cardboard box and at the end of the year I tape it up and put in big black writing “do not throw out” and the year it relates to.

You can ask me for an invoice from a supplier 3 years ago and if you tell me the month, it will take me less than 30 seconds to retreive online.