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after over 20 years of involvement in a variety of businesses I have come to the conclusion that detailed filing systems are over rated.

With everything being computerised it is extremely rare that you need to go back to see the original paperwork. So I do the following:
1. I process purchases invoices as soon as possible into MYOB
2. If the invoices relate to a problem supplier where you often look back on them then they are the only ones to get their own file, the rest just goes into a single purchases file for each month
3. Sales invoices are processed each week religiously and copies are not kept as they can be reprinted if needed (and of course I have a good backup for my computer)
4. All other paperwork is stored in a single file for each month
5. All paperwork is immediately filed upon data entry into MYOB

Takes a bit longer to find a certain invoice if you have to flick through a whole months worth from all suppliers but that time is nothing compared with the daily/weekly saving on filing time.

My current (and most satisfying) venture has very limited filing. Each client has their own folder and I work with the folder when I work with the client so the filing is automatic.

Hope that helps,