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My work is nearly fully web based. I rarely have clients come to visit but when they do they are always surprised with how professionally set up it is.

In the early days (pre and early internet) I never told people I worked at home because there was a real stigma about ‘backyard operators’. When people did eventually find out I’d get comments about how professional I was and that they thought I was in the city (Melbourne) somewhere. It’s all about perception.

Just because I speak nicely on the phone, always respond promptly and so on people make assumptions. I think it also shows that people may have had bad examples demonstrated by some home based operators so they assume we’re all the same.

Our location shouldn’t be an issue if the work can be carried out adequately from a home office. It’s only if you need to constantly have face-to-face contact with clients on your premises that you may need to assess what is best and whether you have the room to host them at home.