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So how do we keep the passion alive.
First of all we have to have passion for what we do.
Because we have gone out as soloists dosnt mean that we are passionate about what we are doing. Some of us went solo because we wanted to be independent , wanted some sort of freedom , wanted to get a more balanced life.

Passion is something that gradually builds within you because you realise that what you are doing is interesting satisfying and rewarding. Often what you set out to do as a soloist changes somewhere along the journey and you start to take a different view of things.

I never set out to be a cleaner, it was a means to and end, but somewhere during the last 22 years I have become very passionate about cleaning to the verge of boring.
Its not the actual job of cleaning that Im passionate about its the industry.
( told you I was strange).
There are so many different facets of cleaning that makes it so interesting, the fact that the industry is looked down upon rather than looked up to for with out cleaning people would be coming down with all sorts of illnesses.

So how do I keep the passion alive.
I look at what I have achieved, and then look at what I can give back to an industry that has looked after me financially, satisfied my desires and kept me interested the passion now for me is to have the industry recognised for what it is A MOST ESSENTIAL SERVICE