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Simone Wylie
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gregpritchard.virtualcio, post: 355 wrote:
In business, there are up times and down times of course; both for the business itself, and for ourselves running the business.

These down times may be externally influenced by the economy around us. Or it may be a gig/deal/pitch/engagement which was lost. It may be personal burnout. Or some other factor.

One of the ways I keep myself going through tough times is to talk through the topic with my coach. My coach has a fantastic knack of helping me see the successes achieved, rather than the opportunities lost. As well as guiding me back onto the path towards my goals. This positive reinforcement keeps my fire burning.

So, how do you keep the passion alive for your business?

Note: this thread was inspired by a post on another thread. I thought it warranted a thread of its own given how important our passion and energy levels are to the businesses we run.

I have two key strategies for keeping the passion alive in my business.

One is by reflecting on everything I’m grateful for. Sometimes it’s the adversity I’m facing, as I acknowlege that I know there is opportunity in this for growth. Sometimes it’s the little things in the day which make me smile.

The second strategy is going back to the WHY I started my business. When I reflect on “Why” I have chosen this journey and visualise my goal as being present right here right now, then I can move forward with a newfound energy and enthusiasm and knowing that I am going to suceed in my business and life in general.

Bring Back The Passion Daily!! “There Is Opportunity In Every Adversity We Come Across”