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Steven Hudson
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Hey Laura…… good on you for taking the step to go it alone, well done and good luck.

I remember when I once resigned from a company many years back and the GM had become a little peeved at me over some of my activities in the market place….more of a misunderstanding from him though. However it created a bad situation for me that lasted for some years with the old company and staff.

As far as I was concerned he had the problem, while it was upsetting for me, as we both had been through a lot together in turning the profitability of the division around, you know shoulder to shoulder kind of stuff. I just decided to move on.

Years on my old boss is still with the same company, but GM of a bigger division and guess who is now doing their recruitment? ME.

We have never spoken about what happened, I just think time can heal all sort misunderstandings and it is just great we can have a relationship again.

From my experience, I would advise don’t be allowed to be bullied, be professional, stick to the facts, and move on. And who knows what might happen in the future!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Luck.