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This brings back memories (that still sting) of one of my subscribers that started out being rather interesting and constructive in his emails with me.

But then he started criticising my views, invited himself along to one of my workshops to critique it and show me how to improve it.

He actually became quite rude, and accused me of some nasty things he’d jumped to the wrong conclusions about. He left long (loooong) messages on my voicemail telling me the things I was doing wrong and what the right things were (his advice was not very good, by the way).

And he began insisting he should be my mentor and I was silly to be afraid to accept him. Good grief!

I emailed him back and said I was offended by his remarks and was satisfied with the mentors I currently employed to assist me in my business. And resigned myself to not respond to any more of his communication. I no longer answered his calls, nor responded to his emails. And he seems to have gone away.

Was I too harsh? I don’t think so. This bridge needed burning because too much toxicity was flying across it at me, and it was wasting my time and energy. I burned the bridge (but not the person) and feel much better for it. Better to put our energy and attention on the people we want to work with, and that want to work with us!