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Lisa Murray – Biz Coach
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Hi Stacey
I encountered a similiar situation some years ago – I had resigned and in the ‘changeover’ period before I actually left I got a new boss who took exception to the fact that I’d decided to leave. He exhibited similiar sorts of odd behaviour. In the end I decided I couldn’t leave with things so unpleasant (he wouldn’t even say good morning to me!!) so I nicely confronted him and we ‘had it out’ – it wasn’t the easiest conversation I’ve ever had, but it did clear the air and he (begrudgingly) came to see that my resignation was not personalised to him!! We managed to be able to have a few drinks at various events afterwards and I’m sure if I saw him now it would all be fine!

For me it was important not to leave the situation smouldering away as I was going to work in a different part of the same organisation and knew I would need to work with this person in future. For you, it may be better just to hold your head high and keep moving forward – I guess only you can decide!