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Steven Hudson
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Daniel. There is no such thing as a natural salesman or a born salesman or for that matter one with the gift of the gab. You are probably better at selling than you think, believe me, otherwise you would not be in business for yourself.

There are people who have been selling for a short time and for a long time, those who are good at selling and have been at it for a long time have honed their skills through longevity and become successfull and look natural. Those who have only been at for a short time and are kicking goals are the ones who have work hard on practicing their craft and look like guns.

Most (not all) of this success is based on product knowledge and I would suggest you have enough of this ‘product knowledge’ to write a book on? Given that, you are your way.

I have a mate (not many but I do have one) who owns a white board manufacturing company and business is booming. Let me tell you, when we go to the pub he is the one with glue still all over his hands, hair not combed, clothes which look like they need a wash, sweaty, dirty, looks like he needs 24 hours sleep and not PC, get the picture. ( He is very good company though and we have many laughs) The times I have been at his factory and the phone rings he never loses a sale,……. only the ones he wants to i.e. because of price etc. He know more about white boards than I’ll ever want to know. He sells through having a complete understanding of his product and what his competitors can offer. He creates confidence and the prospect wants to buy of him because of the knowledge he has. Not because of his “natural salesmanship”.

Daniel, if you can bring this experience to the table then you have no worries about selling your product. Maybe, still lots to learn about the art of selling to maximise very opportunity to its full potential this will take time and effort to gain the required experience to be a ‘gun saleman’.

Now……….. If the customers are not coming to your shop, web site or the phone is not ringing this is a different question with a different answer it is probably more about marketing than selling.

Happy selling!!!!!!!