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Hi Daniel

What is it that you are telling yourself about you as a sales person.
Can you give this rolea different title that resonates with you.
I have been in many roles in education,training,sales&marketing. In all of those roles I see myself as a facilitator/consultant. My intention in the relationship with a client,student is always about empowering the other person to make the decision themselves or to acquire the learning themselves.

Would seeing yourelf as a consultant be better thinking for you?

I have just read an article written by Chris Howard, what do you think?

‘So whats the difference between people who thrive and those who are just surviving…. the mindset’

Take some time to think about what you could change in your thinking to get the results you want.
Is there a limiting belief,self talk holding you back?
Focus on the small steps, of what will work for you to promote your services.

In your thinking,self talk, give yourself the credit you truly deserve.

When communicating with clients be yourself, project certainty, pasion and offer a solution to their problem.

Make sure you are targeting the market that wants to use your service to solve their problem.

Focus on taking action.

Enjoy your day

Sheree Montgomerie

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