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Angela communic8 design
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Hi Mark,

Yes obviously your set up costs will vary business to business, but the mandatory items are:

Software and hardware. There are some great hosted software solutions available now. The benefit of this is that you pay a monthly fee rather than a big up-front cost. Updates are taken care of for you and you can walk away at any time if it’s not working for you.

Take it from someone who invested thousands in a CRM (customer relationship management) program that never got used, beware of committing to a large investment in the wrong software!

Space. Whether you work from a home office or leased/purchased premises, make sure your environment is one you’re going to be happy in. In the early days I predict you’ll be seeing a lot of it.

Consider your growth needs, if you plan to put on staff down the track, will your premises be big enough?

Does your work space look professional? If you will have customers coming to you, what impression will they get?

Brand. My favourite subject. Invest now and reap the rewards. Don’t fall into the ‘saving money’ trap it will do untold damage to your business. Things like dodgy DIY business cards, you know the ones, the ‘I did it myself on perforated paper and ran them through my laser printer’ type business cards, ick! Or ‘I can’t afford a decent website, so I’ll get my cousin to throw up a temporary solution’. How many 5+ year old ‘temporary’ websites are out there I wonder? Actively driving potential clients away in droves.

We are all visual creatures and we form instant opinions about businesses based on the way they present themselves. If you plan to run a professional and credible business, make sure your materials look the part.

Good luck with starting up your business.