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Adam Randall
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Ric Willmot, post: 799 wrote:
I deliver rating A- outcomes in 8 hours. $600 + not quite as good client results.

Hourly rates help the client, nada!

If you respect and care for your clients; if you respect and care for yourself; tell the client:

Which it is, if you charge by the hour. There are so many hours in a day and so you have automatically placed a limit on the income you are able to generate.

I agree with some of your sentiment but I just cannot see how that will work with clients who only ring up (and will not go on managed services) when they have a problem.

Much of our work involves trouble shooting and problem solving, how can you estimate and fix a price when you dont know what the problem is or how long its going to take to fix?

If you do fix a price then you are gambling in a way and if you try and normalise the fixed price across all clients like PC Doctor and the other big franchises, what happens is that the people that have their problem fixed fast end up subsidising people who have major problems.

If someone rang you up and said “we have a problem with our exchange server, can you fix it” Now you have never seen thier setup, dont know the hardware they are running or the 1,000s of other variables.

How can you predict the time its going to fix? The value to the client is that you get their email up and running in the shortest time possible, and most of the time especially with email until its up and running many business owners can be found curled up in a fetal position. words like “I dont care what it costs, we need it now” start to fly around.

Its only after the problem is resolved and its all working and the invoice is sent that questions are raised.