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Renee Barber
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linkartist, post: 4728 wrote:
Leela hit the nail on the head, and that is why when I quote for websites & identity, I now have clearly written that the quoted fixed price is based on initial information gathering… and that if ANYTHING changes, the quote is void & I need to requote.

I get clients to be double & triple sure that they understand this, and then don’t go “oh and I would also like a blog and a forum please” in the middle of the project… which happens a lot more than you’d realise :)

Scope creep is a big problem in our business, and that is effectively what this is… and that really comes down to managing expectations. However, not everyone is reasonable, and some clients, regardless of how clear this is, will not be clear about their expectations, and hate you anyway :)

Scope creep is the worst part of doing business, I reckon … That was hilarious about the whole adding on a blog and a forum, but don’t forget the database integration with financial and personnel systems.