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Julie MT
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Hi Joel,

I’m all for saving money when it comes to purchasing IT supplies.

I do admit though to being a little suspicious when it come to cash-back offers. I figure “there’s no such thing as a free lunch” and wonder if the offer is just an advertising gimmick, similar to sales items heavily marked down from a heavily inflated original price.

Please tell me I’m wrong…and that these offers really do reflect bargain buying.

If there really are savings to be made then the idea of an IT Buyer’s Group is an excellent one. I take it the cash-back offers would be possible due to high volume purchase power of members.

Of course, I’d love to see a 20% price cut…who wouldn’t?

Using the example where a product originally cost $1,000:

20% would represent a saving of $200. Sounds great, but not sure if it would be attainable.

10% would come out at $100 and seems a tad miserly to me.

15% – $150 might just be the ticket – providing incentive to the purchaser without breaking the bank of the seller.

I’m a big fan of the win-win.

Hope my thoughts help and look forward to hearing how things develop.


Julie – MT