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Julie MT
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Hi there Devan,

Great topic! I would have to say I prefer computer based software – for all the reasons you’ve mentioned.

While I’m always interested to learn new ways of doing things I admit to being more than a little uneasy about putting my business (and clients) into someone else’s hands.

Not that computer based software is free from it’s own shortcomings. Take Microsoft as a case in point. With each new and improved operating system (pardon me while I clear my throat!) comes the requirement to upgrade the rest of one’s software.

I tend to see online software as another step towards wresting control (and a few more $$) from the hands of the end-user.

I’m all for moving ahead but am not convinced that newer means better. Best analogy I can offer is the way old appliances seemed to chug along quite happily for 30 years or more. Compare that to today’s bigger and better whizz-bang contraptions with their uncanny ability to cark it just outside the warranty period.

Hope my post is not too cynical – just my 2c worth.