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Julie MT
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Hi Devan,

I’m happy to hear you did not find my previous post too cynical. I was a bit worried, actually, that I’d possibly overstepped the mark, and might have offended with my very blunt comments. Please be assured, though, that would never be my intention.

Having thought things over a bit more, I’d like to add that while I do use some web-based apps, these tend to be recreational rather than work related.

Apart from worrying about internet malfunctions that might prevent me from working if solely reliant on web-based apps, I’d want to retain the same amount of control as with computer based software.

I suppose my arm could be twisted if data could be stored locally, while the “nuts and bolts” of the app itself remained online.

I’d definitely require branding options to project my own business image to clients.

If the app allowed files to be transferred between clients and myself, I’d need to be certain logins and passwords were hacker proof.

Security and Encryption would have to be bullet-proof as my work involves processing of medical records.

Just some further thoughts to ponder. Hope they help.

BTW, I’m curious to also hear things from your perspective, i.e. what are the benefits of web-based versus computer based apps to the software developer?