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My experience has been good and bad.

I’ve not experienced some of what you have mentioned, only the following…

An example is a piece of software I was using to build websites when I first started working online. It was good when I was a beginner but since I’ve learnt how to utilise SEO I’ve found the software obsolete.

I could not manipulate the title tags, H tags, and many other important aspects that I found easy to do after purchasing my XsitePro software (loaded on my own computer) to build my websites.

Having said that I have used many different types of software for keyword research, spying on other peoples websites (Shhhh) and such that are serving me very well.

I think there are ups and downs… Best to try and make ones own mind up based on your experience rather than just wondering.

Also see what people are saying on forums about the exact piece of software you are looking at.

If you are looking to develop the software I would do keyword research to see how many people are searching for what you are thinking of developing. If the numbers are there and you know how to market well then I say develop it.