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I think web based software is brilliant. The convenience, issue free upgrades, cost effectiveness – the list is endless.

Of course you need to choose a reputable company most quality software companies will publish how they protect your data.

But lets take it one step further, think worse case scenerios. What happens if a situation occured whereby your lost your data? With most online software you can’t backup but you can certainly export data.

Some software companies such as http://www.unleashedsoftware.com have designed a feature whereby all of your data is dumped into a variety of Excel spreadsheets – you simply need to store it. For our online clients that are using http://www.xero.com we always export reports and data into Excel and put into safe storage. The reason being – we can sleep at night.

Most transactions can be exported, find online software that addresses this in conjunction with a strong policy on security and it should be fine.

On a final note, although many people feel desktop software is more secure, how many businesses do you know of – that regulary EMAIL their accounting datafile to their Accountant! At least with online the Accountant logs into a secure area to gather the information he requires!

Wendy Field.