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Thanks Geoff

Libraries also have a monthly guest speaker on many and varied subjects.
If any of you live in the Ryde area of NSW last Thursday in the month a wine and cheese night with a guest speaker all for free.

You have given me food for thought, and while i was at it I cheekily downloaded your Deliver speeches that Inspire action.

I wish I had know about you in October when I had to represent our association at a trade night. The other speakers were seasoned and represented the major cleaning associations. On the other hand I had never had to present a speech in front of 100 industry representatives before. Somewhat nervous and stumbled a few times ( because I hadnt practiced the speach) but somehow got through it. The guy running the night said to me as I was going back to my seat wow that was powerful.

So thank you Geoff you may have inspired me into taking on more of this style of communication.