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Lisa Murray – Biz Coach, post: 618 wrote:
Hi SeaChange
I understand about government – all that bureacracy and BS can certainly get you down!! I had a lucky escape from a semi-govt organisation myself and life just keeps getting better!!

As well as springwise, you can also look at the following sites to spark ideas – all are good for different reasons.

Explore eco-friendly ideas at Worldchanging, test drive the day’s hottest stories at Technorati and focus on free insights from the Shaping Tomorrow newsletters. A great trends resource is TrendWatching – I can get lost there for hours if I’m not careful!!

Also, if you’d like to sign-up on my website, I offer a free report which covers over 20 ways to find great ideas – for promotions and businesses.

I always advise my clients that it’s important to find your ‘big idea’ first and then to build a business model around it that will work for you in many ways (ie cashflow, time, skills etc). Remember you can always outsource some of the skills you need – don’t make the mistake of thinking you need to be everything to everyone!!

Feel free to contact me if you’d like some coaching – I have done quite a bit of work helping people transition from job to their own business and I have experienced the transition myself, so have a few tips to share!!


Thankyou lisa for the information. I have bookmarked sites.