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The Internet Bloke
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Hi Meradith,

Your website and photos look great.
However, I’m concerned about the fact that you promote your work with a hotmail address, and your websites are with websyte.com.au and live.com

If one or more these sites stop operating for some reason, then all your promotion goes down the gurgler.

I’d strongly suggest that you get your own domain name, and connect it to these sites. Then use your own domain name EVERY time you give out your web or email address.

Getting your own hosting is a goal to work towards, but not essential at present. You don’t have to change anything about your current email or websites – only the way you connect to them.

Please check out the free domain name guide in my sigfile. It was written precisely for people in your situation. And feel free to contact me if you’d like further explanation or help to do this.
Regards, Eric G.