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Georgiecarpenter@hotmail., post: 587 wrote:
So, is PI the same thing as Work Cover? I find myself having to get some PI but because I am also an employee of my company, I’m assuming I need work cover. Tis all very confusing. Any tips and pointers? Links to useful insurance brokers that you’ve had good experiences with are welcome too!

As far as I’m aware, professional indemnity cover will cover you for any advice or work you supply to other people in the instance that they believe you did not fulfill your obligations or you somehow caused harm or damage to them or their business. (Just my understanding :))

what cover etc you require also depends on if you are working as a sole trader, trust or company etc. As a sole trader your business profits are your personal income. As far as i’m aware this means you are “obligated” re: super etc but it’s definitely something you’d want to allow for. You aren’t officially and “employee” if you’re a sole trader, however if you established your business as a “company” then you will effectively be an employee/director of your company normally and different cases apply.

This is just my general understanding, so I hope it’s correct but most of what you need to know can definitely be found on the ATO website :)