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MediaMuse, post: 642 wrote:
Hi all,

This is the first proof sheet from my project to get a logo for MediaMuse.

Would love any/all comments bearing in mind I have options to have some changes. I dont think the logo 1 or 3 hit the target, as I wish to portray MediaMuse as experienced, unique, edgy, creatively corporate in nature. In time I hope to turn it from a home business run solely by me into something home-run, with the additional of outsourcing other ‘media muses’ to clients across South-East Queensland and interstate.

My preference is for logo 4 (green and mid-grey) – but changed to a dark red and dark grey combination – with a small (possibly Greek?) ivy leaf image added (to effuse the Greek muse theme behind my business name). What do you all think?

I thought that as everyone in this forum are examples of my target market you may like to say what you think and how you would respond to this in the marketplace?

ps – I have to say a big thankyou to Astrid for helping me re-size logos for attaching to forum~

thanks, Marnie (media muse)

I personally prefer the second one in. It looks really fresh and inviting. They’re all good though, it has to be said.

Good luck!