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Hi Marnie

It was a pleasure to help – that’s the meaning of networking.

Ok, you asked for comments ;-)

Before you choose a logo, just go through a checklist:

Does the logo communicate what you do? Immediately?

Is the logo working with all media? Online and in print? Easy to read? In black and white and in colour? Does it work on a ball pen and on an aeroplane?

Is it strong enough to become a brand?

Does it show the quality of your work?

Is it unique?

With your favourite – if you add something unique to it – but not too complicated to avoid reproduction problems, it can work.

Maybe your designer can work a bit more on the lettering – e.g. make the “s” in “muse” a bit more legible and adjust the spacing between the letters, move the tagline a bit away from the logo, just a mm or so..

I like the colour combination (big smile to Robert & the flying solo team).

No 1 looks like a stationery provider, no 2 is too common (you’ll find these ink/water splashes all over the net) and no 3 is ok for a writer, although I also think the illustration looks nice onscreen, but you always have to print it in 4 colours to make it look good.