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I’ve been using VoIP for some time now for my home phone and so when my office phone bill got a bit out of hand (all my clients are interstate and international) I looked at getting VoIP.

In the beginning DID (direct in dial) phone numbers weren’t available in Bathurst so I went with Freecall. You use the original phone number for incoming calls but when you make an outgoing call you are using your freecall account. I’m not sure what it is now but I was paying 1c per minute un-timed and just topped up the account as I used it, no monthly fees.

Then my husband and I played with Asterix (software based PABX system) and we had issues with inferior components. I changed Engin who were able to offer me a DID for my local area and then a DID for Melbourne too. This meant I was able to cancel the second phone line into the house and reduce my monthly phone bills by at least $400 a month (cost savings compared to regular PSTN line). We resurrected the ole PABX computer and haven’t looked back.

There are so many options out there but you’ll need to check your broadband speeds and make sure you use a good provider. You’ll also need to purchase quality VoIP devices. I use the Snom 320. These are the three main factors in determining call quality.

Good luck!