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Scott McLaughlin
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I couldn’t agree more re the stigma associated with selling being the biggest barrier. If what you are selling does not benefit a customer you won’t be in business long. That said, it stands to reason that what you are doing is facilitating access to a product / service that will benefit a customer.

NOW for the big question # 2…. reading through all these replies re SEO, telemarketing and other tactics we have seemingly forgotten one consideration: WHO THE HELL IS THE CUSTOMER? how would they like to be hearing from you, how do they need to be spoken to, how do they buy, how do they decide.

A common omission, is that we tend to design funnel practices and forget the audience. Much like a lot of the American cr#p available, not designed for the majority of Australian business people.

Its much like wanting to tell dirty jokes, coming up with a fantastic repertoire of very funny and filthy propositions, and realising you are in a monastery. The ONLY PERSON who can dictate what you do is your customer…. START there and only there. IF you are not sure of what they want, FIND OUT, and the rest will take care of itself (including a reluctance to “sell”)

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