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Hi Adam,

I have stumbled across some of your other posts and believe that you are on the right track. You have the skills, knowledge and passion to do what I have always known as the “consultative sell”. You basically meet with the potential client and you determine their needs, talk about possible solutions and demonstrate you have the ability to add value to their business.

Attitude is everything and you need to keep in your mind a rejection may not relate to you. It could be the project is not high enough on the priority list, the person you deal with may not have realised what was involved until they spoke to you etc etc etc

Also by demonstrating your abilities rather than selling them cold you are more likely to get the call up when the person does decide it’s time to proceed or if they move to a new business that needs your services.

It’s a big step moving from technical to sales/marketing/management, don’t understimate and realise you will learn and grow into the role.

All the best with it and as someone else said “stay resilient”.