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Angela communic8 design
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Hi Louise,

At the risk of being salesy, yes I certainly can recommend someone – me! We help about 60 – 70% of our clients to create a great name for their businesses.

Sales hat on – After going through our BrandReady system our clients have a complete clarity about not only the best name for their business but also which colours are most appropriate and how to create a logo which is a great visual representation of their businesses. I liken the BrandReady system to a foundation or a framework upon which to build a great brand.

Sales hat off – Start by focusing on who your ideal clients are, spend some time working out exactly who you want to work with. Being able to clearly articulate who you serve is the first step.

What problems do they face? What is going on in their business right now? What are their challenges and frustrations? What’s lead them to your product or service right now?

Why you? What is special, different and unique about you and your business. Why should they choose your business over any of your competitors (one of the benefits of the BrandReady system is that it helps business owners work this out).

Now what do you want your clients to feel when they think of your brand? We forget what people say, we often forget what they do, but we remember how they make us feel. Do you want your clients to feel safe and supported or excited and engaged? Focus on the feeling.

Once you’ve got your brand feelings or emotions figured out, you’ve got some words you can start playing with. Try putting them into a thesaurus and see what results you get. Get out a big sheet of paper and write them down. It’s the feelings or emotional connotations of your business that you are aiming to capture in your business name.

Try to avoid literal descriptions of your business, they can tend to get too long and unwieldy. Your tagline can help explain your business in more detail, it’s your name’s job to convey a feeling or an emotion – quickly.

Really hope that helps and good luck with the process. Feel free to contact me if you want any more advice or to run some ideas past me.