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Steven Hudson
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Hi Louise

We are going through the same thing as you; we have a need early next year to have another company set up which Head Group will have 66% ownership. The company will basically be a candidate wholesaler with Head Group being its major customer. So in the short term branding is not a high priority for us, however in the long term as we unravel all of its potential it certainly will.

What I did last night was compile a list of 10 potential company names; I had two web sites open one at the ACCC and the other at a domain registration company, so I could check the availability of the names as I came up with them. A white board comes in handy for this.

Understanding the concept of the company and the future potential I come up with one name then variations of the same. Using the thesaurus in Microsoft Word I continued the variations.

The ten names have been emailed to the two other people who are the other partners in the business, their challenge is to add ten additional names, not variations of mine and circulate. Once complete we will poll the names amongst ourselves and come up with a short list and then we will poll the short list to a wider audience.

We have agreed to the Richard Curtis and Ben Elton pact and that is we all have to agree to a name unanimously. No ifs or buts
All you need now is some other people to work with and you’re on the way.

Good luck