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Angela, communic8 design, post: 739 wrote:
Hi there,

This is a timely post, I’m just about to start blogging. I’ve put it off for ages for many of the reasons you’ve cited. Actually I worked my way through to a fellow forum posters blog earlier today. I’ve heard of this person from other areas, she has quite a profile, her blog posts are great and comments? 0.

I’m planning on minimizing my work by posting my e-zine articles on my blog to keep the content up. Do you write an e-news or e-zine. That might help you to get some time back with your lovely little ones. So in a sense I’m just using my blog as an alternative way to host my articles. I figure if I keep my expectations of my blog low I won’t be disappointed with lack of activity and interest.

I’ve also spent quite a bit of time recently researching small business blogs in Australia, not a lot of comments on any that I came across. Perhaps we’re a nation of forum contributors?

Love to hear if anyone out there is doing great things through their blogs and how.

From reading problogger and seth’s blog comments are pretty rare…people don’t seem to be that interested in commenting. That doesn’t bother me too much as long as I know people are listening.

I think I’ve come to terms that my blog has to express who I am, and if I enjoy doing it, that’s good enough for now. So I’m focussing on posting short incisive posts on a daily basis.

I don’t write an ezine – I wouldn’t know how!