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The Cafe Ninja
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Jexley, post: 806 wrote:
Blogging is a lot like the Social Media sites, you have to get into the community of it to really feel the effects. Much like that other thread about Networking and such, marketing your blog is the same. You have to get “out there” and meet folks.

You’ve got a pretty cool blog there, do you read any that are similar? If so, do you comment on them? If so, do you use the Process Ninja Blog as the link? See where I’m going here?

Alternatively, you can slap those posts in Digg and Redditt and SU and Delicious and all of those, and then spend the same amount of time checking out other people’s bookmarks and becoming active in that style of “community”. Again, it’s all about getting out there.

Bob’s right too, you do write well, don’t get too stressed or feel too much pressure about writing, it will negatively affect your writing. And if that happens, not much point in writing then is there? Relax, do it when you feel it, and you’ll continue to rock.

Good luck.

Hi Jexley, I do try to get onto as many business blogs as I can but to be honest I find most of them so boring that they don’t keep my interest! So I struggle to find many good business blogs…I am open to suggestions! At the moment I like Seth’s Blog / Gary Vaynerchuk but the rest put me to sleep…

Digg and all those other things I find totally confusing…I just don’t understand what I’m supposed to do with them (and this is coming from a guy who is IT savvy!)

Thanks…I really appreciate the +ve feedback on the blog!