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AKoulianos, post: 736 wrote:
All the PC magazines talk about it, but how many small business owners actually do daily backups of their data and what do they use?

Has anyone considered or tried going online to do their backing up?

Arthur Koulianos
BDM AVG & Carbonite

Hi Arthur,

It’s certainly a good idea to do backups of your data, even if you’re not running a business. With the proliferation of digital camera’s and the like, I’d hate to think how many people have lost 1000’s of photo’s (& their precious memories) because they haven’t backed them up. Obviously, if you’re running a business, there’s even more incentive.

Personally, I have a seperate hard drive in my PC and have scheduled weekly backups of my main “work” pc as well as my development web server which I use. I also create regular “images” of my machine and store on external devices.

As fas as software goes, I use a combination of Acronis True Image and also the std “Windows backup” software. I haven’t used any ‘online’ backup facilities so I can’t comment on them, sorry.