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I’d suggest doing a incremental backup daily, and a full backup every week.

(If you use an offline solution, make sure you consider your bandwidth allocation.)

Acronis backup software has already been mentioned, and it is excellent. I use it myself.

If you use one of the small USB hard drives (about the size of a 5″x3″ index card and about 12mm thick) it’s just a simple matter of taking the drive out of your pocket and plugging it into the USB port of your computer.

No external powerpack needed. The “sweet spot” is curently about $150 for a 320 gigabyte drive. Big enough for most computers, as the data is compressed.
Ideally, use 2 drives alternately – one at work, the other stored in another location.

The advantage of using the Acronis software is that you can access the backup files just like a normal hard drive, and restore one or more files.

( It’s sad, but most people don’t take backups seriously until they lose a computer full of data. )

cheers, Eric G.