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The biggest cost in Australia with offsite online backup it the cost of the data fees of your ISP and the time it takes. If you are only backing up a small amount it is fine and you can use one of those accounts where they slow you down when you have reached your limit for the month. Currently on my computer I have about 2 terabytes of data and then there is the other 1.5 terabytes on the other computers around the place, if you started backing that up daily online, not only would it take you all day but you would have to find a new ISP or start forking out some big bickies in no time flat. There are external hard drives available that have fans to keep them cool and so by using these and having a raid and having computers in another building together with copies of data on two external computers which are updated on an as needed basis I think I have most bases covered. I have seen computers that have been through a fire and the data was able to be recovered from the hard drive.