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Lisa Murray – Biz Coach, post: 845 wrote:
I read a really interesting post on LinkedIn today that basically said that targeting small businesses online is very challenging because most are not web savvy and don’t use it as a resource often.

I’m interested in Australian experiences – if your target audience is small businesses, what have you done to market your business online that has worked (or not!)? I’d appreciate any insightful experiences on how else you’ve targeted this market cost-effectively as well.

I’ve found that regardless of their size, many small business operators still use Google. I mean Hey, EVERYbody uses Google, don’t they? SEO has been a boon for me in this aspect. Not necessarily for my own services, which involve SEO crazily enough, but for most of my clients.

The first part’s always been identifying how people are going to find your site, and then making it a good site for them. The latter usually involves figuring out your main target demographic and the rest is just speaking their language. In my experience, getting these things accomplished has been a real winner.