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I’ll say something that I KNOW will be contentious!

For me – I LOVE networking events that have a FEE involved.


I’ve been heavily involved with the professional development / personal development industry for the last 4 years in many capacities – as a private citizen, a hired salesperson and a businessperson in my own right. Something I have noticed is that the free events attract the SAME people over and over again … and those same people are SO used to getting stuff for free that they don’t want to pay for anything.

When there is even a small fee involved, events attract different kinds of people – people who pay for things they see value in.

For me, it’s all about mindset.

I don’t want to work with people who think they should get everything for free (this attitude particularly confuses me in people who consider themselves entrepreneurs! Right – so people should pay for YOUR service / product … but you won’t pay for theirs?). I want to work with people who value their time and their services and my time and my services.

In my personal experience – the higher the cost for people to be involved, the better, more long-standing contacts and clients I get out of it.

For instance – I’ve been involved in free events and found that while I get interest in my services, they baulk at the price, complain and disappear.

I have also been involved in a business program that cost $30,000 a year.

I have gotten at least 10 ongoing clients (without even STARTING on referrals!) – who paid back the cost of the program within six months – so the education of the program was basically free.

My ideal clients are people who are willing to pay for a premium service – which is what I offer.

I’m sure other people feel differently – but for me, this is ALL important.