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Lisa Murray – Biz Coach
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Hi Zoe
I’ve been to lots of different networking events over the past six months. A few things stand out as essential:

  • making people feel comfortable when they arrive
  • opportunity for structured networking, preferably a 30 second pitch to the entire room
  • opportunity to share flyers / promotions
  • a sense of humour – these events can be quite serious and boring!

Also, its good to help participants with their networking skills – teach them good habits and your events will be very effective!

One last thing – set some guidelines about adding people to their email lists – there is nothing more annoying than being added to a weightloss email list when its a service you have no use for whatsoever ;-)

Also, I recently enjoyed a WNA Christmas event where there was a wonderful spirit of giving and goodwill in support of those less fortunate than ourselves – that alone made me want to be a part of it all. Consider choosing a couple of pet projects which your group can assist with…