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Re: Effect of obesity on perceived ability

Angela – just wondered if you thought of taking your daughter to an immunologist for testing? (or a naturopath specialising in food allergy testing. Apparently, if you are very allergic or intolerant to certain things or foods you can find it very difficult to lose weight no matter how healthily we are eating. And, by the way, Oprah is still an inspiration to me too.

And Adam – yes, physical appearance seems to matter if you are face-to-face, but not if you are doing everything by the internet and by phone. As I am petite and in my fifties (and just in my weight range) I am also competing with slim bright ones in their twenties. A double whammy!
I have lost weight lately since thankfully going off medication such as cortizone and other medicines that affected me together with allergies, but it’s a long haul. My friends and regulars say I am starting to look like my old self now. It must be the trip to the hairdresser last week! :)

From my experience, men seem to get away with a little more weight than women. I don’t know why – it just seems to be that way. But we really should be focusing on the fact that what we do and how we help people is important – and it really doesn’t matter what we look like. I’m all for being as healthy as I can possibly be – but I won’t stress about it as that can be detrimental too, both mentally and physically.