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It’s interesting – like you, Adam, I vary in my weight range.

However, what I’ve noticed is that it’s LESS my weight and MORE my presentation.

I am always treated better when I’m wearing my french cuffs, cuff links, full length jacket, stilettos and have had my hair done recently – REGARDLESS of my size.

I think that’s played out when you look at people on the street – how often do you see chicks (and guys) in a REALLY nice suit and you think “Wow s/he looks great …” And then only secondarily think … “And they’re ‘larger’ – good for them!”.

Sure, as a larger person you have to make more of an effort with clothing … Sadly, I’m not a clothes horse – I can’t just wear anything and look like a million bucks. It takes time and effort to get there …

But it’s always worth the effort!

Further … and this will sound trite … but the most effective thing you can wear to look good is a smile … people love people who are outgoing, interesting and INTERESTED – and they really don’t notice size when you are all these things.