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Geoff Kelly
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Consider a challenge faced by your primary targets – one that they really care about, and one that realtes to your industry and product. For example, if you were selling a variety of plastic containers and accesseries useful in the kitchen and around the home, then you might consider the challenges of storing various things so that they are protected (or preserved) and are keep down clutter.
Then develop a brief report, article, checklist that shows helpful ways to meet that challenge. Important, this would mostly be about ways to meet their challenge, not mentioning your product. This is not a product sheet, but a piece of genuine value to get people’s attention and to raise your credibility as an expert.
The result is that you will have something different to attract them to you. You can letterdrop, email or snail mail this with good effect.
You could also go to forums (because you are not selling at this point) and offer your advice and resources such as this to people who are most interested, collecting their contact details to provide other resources and ultimately to make offers to from the list you will build.

Sorry to go so long, but I wanted you to undestand how this might work for you.

Best wishes