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The Internet Bloke, post: 1097 wrote:
That’s right.
You can unfollow someone, or block them. Blocking them is a more drastic action.

However, I’ve found that it’s better to check out their profile, and history of “tweets” before following them in the first place. So my twitter list works pretty well now, and most of the content is useful.

If you just start following everyone you come across, you’ll end up with a heap of junk, which is why I decided that twitter was useless a year ago.

Be selective in who you follow is probably the main bit of advice I can give.

cheers, Eric G.

Thanks Eric, I understand now. However I’ve seen people like Guy Kawasaki recommend different to increase exposure and share the luv so to speak. Their thinking is that others will look to see who you’re following and build their lists so that means if people choose not to follow me because my content isn’t useful to them, their followers won’t find me. Guess it’s up to me to make sure I write useful content, hey?