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We started using it a few weeks ago. @CarboniteAU For us it is about giving customers a chance to stay in touch with what is happening at Carbonite. I only post about relevant information to do with the product or our service. I aim to update a few times a week, not every 5 mins.

I have seen many people make it work with the re-tweeting aspect. Depending on their network, a re-tweet can get your message out to thousands. It’s free band awareness for us which is great.

For the 10 mins that I use it per day, its worth the effort. Not sure what $ value it generates but as I said its publicity that we aren’t likely to pay for at this stage.

I use Tweetdeck to follow others, but to be honest I skim through this to find anything of interest to write about in the Carbonite news section. Which in fact I did find yesterday. Customer nearly lost $50k contract because of a power surge. He had Carbonite to save him.