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Before I joined Twitter, I was like a lot of people. Wondering “what the hell’s the point!”. Gotta say, that I was totally wrong. I’ve been on Twitter now for about the last 3 or 4 months and is probably one of the reasons I haven’t posted anything in these forums for a while.

I use it for social reasons and also as a business tool. Being in the “Design” community, I’ve found that there is a HUGE number of designers (Web, Graphic, 3D Artists, Illustrators, etc) out there using Twitter. I’m only sorry I didn’t realise the benefit of this Social Media tool, earlier.

The vast number of people that I “follow” are extremely friendly and knowledgeable. They’re happy to chat about nothing in particular or on specific topics, whether that be design or otherwise. The designers I follow will “tweet” interesting news or design stories they’ve found as well as blog posts, articles or websites that are relevant and interesting to the design community.

Since joining Twitter, I think I’ve almost doubled the number of my browser “bookmarks” from links that people have tweeted. If you need a recommendation on something, help on a certain topic or other information, just Tweet and you’re sure to get a reply from someone that can either help directly or if not, point you in the right direction. Most people are genuinely more than happy to help others in need.

So, if you’re not on Twitter currently, jump on! If you’ve been on in the past, but don’t tweet anymore, give it another go. We’d love to have you back ;-)

You can catch me on Twitter at @maddisondesigns.