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Rachel Reeves
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Jexley, post: 1030 wrote:
I have deep and philosophical conversations with children’s shows on the ABC.

Granted, these convos are quite one-sided and can get me a bit worked up, but it actually helps quite successfully to blow off some steam by shouting at the TV, “Why are you asking me again!!?!?! Iggle Piggle!! Iggle Piggle’s not in bed! He’s never in bed!! Yet here you are asking me AGAIN. Get some duct tape and secure that little sunuvabatch before you go asking me again tomorrow!!”

Try it, it’s awesome. You’ll get some very amused looks from your 2-year old, so it’s all worth it.

Lol, Jex, I know exactly where you are at!! Here is something I emailed to my husband some time ago so that he could get the idea of the insanity that goes on on that program:

“Would you like some pinkiponk juice? Oopsi Daisy. Tombliboo! That’s Icklepickles pinkiponk juice… Tombliboo oohh, was that your tummy making that noise? Oh dear Tombliboo ooh, I think you might have too much pinkiponk juice…”

Kids absolutely love it! I couldn’t help but crack up laughing when I heard the conversation above. The Upside Down Show was my favourite ABC children’s program when it was on, but then I’m a big fan of the Umbilical Brothers :)