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Renee Barber
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When I first started out, I had no clue that I had to actually register my business name. Boy did I have a tense time waiting to see if my name had already been registered! The lesson you can learn from this is it’s best to nut out your name now and get it registered. It’s a very minimal amount of money and the registration is good for three years (at least in Victoria).

After you’ve sorted out your company name registration, I’d then register the relevant domains before they’re snapped up. It’d actually be worth your while to approach this in a two-pronged fashion i.e. make sure your company name *and* domain(s) are available. Also ensure that you do your homework on domain names as some companies charge an arm and a leg. I won’t even talk about hosting as you have enough to deal with at the moment …

The good thing about it is you’re already well on your way as you’ve sorted your ABN and are thinking about tax implications. By the way, to my knowledge, as a sole trader you aren’t required to have separate accounts. It’s just recommended.

Anyway, good luck and if you need any help (especially paid, grin; I’m not doing this as a hobby!) along the way, feel free to email me directly.