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Ric Willmot
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warrenc, post: 974 wrote:
Hello Everyone

I have spent time today working on an email proposal touting for business from a strong lead. I have laid out their issues and the solutions.

I am going this path with email (faster than letter and I already know them) to give specifics and examples that cannot be detailed in a telephone call and of course I will follow up with a call.

In this email I have chosen to be brutally frank because we are talking about a business bought by employees who are still thinking like employees.

So to the forum may I ask:

Do you tend to (or even recommend to) not say what you want to say for fear of offending the prospect? and

How much time do you generally invest in researching a strong prospect’s business and writing an email like mine today?

Hello Warren,
Part I
An email will not get you business – it may get you a more interested ear when you telephone.
When you telephone, the purpose of the call is to arrange for the person to meet with you face to face.
When you meet face to face, the purpose of the meeting is to ask intelligent questions.
The answers you receive to those intelligent questions you ask, will enable you to understand where you may be able to deliver value to the buyer, and if they have the ability and desire to write you a cheque for that value. Now you can start to develop a relationship that will lead to the sale being made.

Part II
Express Post is pretty fast, and it has a greater cache than an email. Although, given your business, you might be able to do some pretty fancy stuff with email. I personally open mail and delete emails.

Part III
No problems at all in being brutally frank. That’s what will make you 100 times more valuable than every other “Yes-Man” who walks in the door being nice because they want to win the business. However, everyone here is correct in advising that you do it, in person. And, never until they have engaged your services and you have been paid.

Part IV
I insist in being paid in advance; specifically so I can give the buyer my honest assessment, feedback and advice. Some of my best clients continue to engage my services consistently and regularly, because they know they will always get the truth from me, no matter how unpalatable.

Part V
Researching: do what is required, don’t spare the horses.
Writing an email: as little as possible.

Get on the phone and get in front of the person who has the authourity and ability to write you a cheque and is directly responsible for the success or otherwise of the business.

Best of luck with it.