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Some time ago after looking around at the type businesses that people were able to make work, I decided for one thing that there are two basic concepts. One is the kind of business that others were already doing and the other was something totally unique.

To succeed in the former you just simply needed to do what you do better than everyone else and in a manner that set you above the competition. In the later you are in new territory and you basically start everything from scratch, but the advantage of that is that you don’t have any competition!

I would say are looking at the later and you will need to do a lot of your own research. My suggestion is that you start to identify a need and a market that you can supply. Don’t be tempted to just say “this is what I do best so I will try and sell that”. As you dig you may find that the need is not quite what you thought it would be. Once you have that you are half way there. The rest is just leg work and trial and error.

I understand what you are talking about in regard to web work, I am starting to look at the way multimedia as we use to know it is being and may be able to be delivered in the next generation, and a lot of it is unknown territory.