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Adam Randall
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Sometimes the only way to do it is to run two side by side for a while, I did that after going from MYOB to Quickbooks.

The only thing that will cause problems here is late payers which mean you have to keep your old system open for longer unless you rewrite all your invoices or can find an easy way to import.

Should be easy to import companies and contacts into MYOB (relatively & its still time consuming)

Recreate the Chart of accounts in MYOB and import all products via CSV if required.

MYOB is very good at importing/exporting data through CSV unlike Quickbooks which is harder to transfer anything into or out of.

The bigger the company, the more likely it will be worth your while to get a contractor or other business to do it for you.

What I mean by that is 50 companies might take a day to recreate by hand, 5,000 and you will be there till next christmas, so the benefits of getting someone who knows what they are doing is greater.